Raymond Briggs…Executive Producer

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Many of Raymond Briggs’ books have been adapted for film and TV. (The Snowman, When the Wind Blows, Father Christmas, The Bear ) but Ethel and Ernest is the first one that he has been directly involved with as an Executive Producer. He advised on the script stage and attended the first voice recordings, and since full production started Raymond has been in close contact with the production team.  As the film has taken shape he has provided invaluable insights and visual documentation that has helped us keep the period details as authentic as possible. This photo was taken during a visit to his Sussex home last week. (click on image to enlarge)

Raymond Briggs_24th May 2015

Raymond Briggs_24th May 2015

Our team of top animators takes shape…

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Animator and director Jean-Christophe Lie was visiting the Lupus studios yesterday. Here he is (on the right) pictured with Ethel and Ernest animation director Peter Dodd. Peter is explaining the action in the first scene that he will be receiving. We are delighted to welcome Jean-Christophe who joins a top line up of animators that are already working on the production. (click photo to enlarge)

Animator ean-Christophe Lie with animation  director Peter Dodd

Animator Jean-Christophe Lie with animation director Peter Dodd

Music supervision on Ethel and Ernest

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The incredibly helpful and knowledgeable Gary Welsh (http://syncsummit.com/welch), director of Eyehear music, was in at Lupus Films yesterday to discuss the choice of music tracks for the film.

More on this from Eyehear music’s own website:


A visit to production partner CLOTH CAT Animation

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Production on the Ethel and Ernest film is being split between Lupus films in London, Studio 352 in Luxembourg, and Cloth Cat Animation who are based in Wales. They are housed in the Gloworks building, the Welsh Government’s new centre for creative industries in Cardiff Bay. Cloth Cat animation will be dealing with the 3D elements in the film, and the painting and compositing of the scenes. Pictured are Sam Wright who is doing the 3D builds, and lead Nuke compositor Neil Martin (nearest to camera). Ethel and Ernest is primarily a hand drawn film, with all the characters being drawn in TVPaint. But some objects, such as vehicles, will require a computer model to be built and will be rendered to fit in with the drawn images. Gloworks building_home to Cloth Cat Animation Neil Martin and Sam Wright at Cloth Cat Animation_Cardiff Bay

Voice Recordings

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We have just completed four days of voice recordings at Goldcrest ( http://www.goldcrestfilms.com/films/post ) and managed to get some superb performances from a stellar cast of leading British actors. Brenda Blethyn and Jim Broadbent played the lead roles as Ethel and Ernest. Mark Appleby at Goldcrest ( http://www.alchemea.com/alchemeahalloffame/mark-appleby-adr-mixer-technician-goldcrest-post ) was our ADR Mixer. Thanks Mark !

Raymond gets a first view of character sheets for the film

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Animation director Peter Dodd shows Raymond Briggs the character sheets that he has been working on. He was thrilled with the progress being made.

Peter reported: …he viewed the model sheets of his parents and seemed genuinely over the moon “yes that’s bang on” he said.” And of the ones of Raymond himself? “That really looks like me” he said of his moustachioed self, but commented on his regret at ever having grown one.

Peter Dodd and Raymond Briggs_17th February 2015 Raymond Briggs and animation director Peter Dodd_February 17th 2015

A visit to one of our co-production partners…

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A trip to Luxembourg today to visit one of our co-production partners,  STUDIO 352 http://www.studio352.lu

It was great to catch up again with CEO Stephan Roelant and production manager Fabien Renelli, and to meet the talented team that will be working on the Ethel and Ernest film.

In the photos below art director Robin Shaw from Lupus films, is in discussion with Studio 352 head of backgrounds Pascal Gerard, and head of layouts Denis Lambert. (click on images to enlarge)

Robin and Pascal discuss backgrounds at Studio 352_February 12th 2015Robin with the Studio 352 Layout and Background team_February 12th 2015

Pascal and Robin discuss backgrounds_Studio 352_Feb 12th 2015Robin and Pascal discuss backgrounds and layout_Feb 12th 2015

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