A big thank you to TVPaint !

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Using TVPaint at Studio 352Ethel and Ernest was animated using a software called TVPaint. When the film was first being developed, way back in 2007 (!), we were going to animate it on paper. That was how all the other Raymond Briggs films had been done (The Snowman, When the Wind Blows, Father Christmas, The Bear, and The Snowman and Snowdog). However, technology has moved on and in the intervening years TVPaint has become more and more the industry standard for hand drawn animated films. Using a Wacom cintiq to draw on, the animators can reproduce a line quality that is virtually indistinguishable from a line drawn with a graphite pencil on paper.

Many of our crew were new to TVPaint, but tutorials were given by Lupus Films’ animation supervisor Isobel Stenhouse, and also Elodie Moog from TVPaint was always on hand to answer any questions.

So a big thank you to TVPaint for all their support throughout the production !

Elodie_at the Cloth Cat studio

Elodie Moog from TVPaint answering questions while on a visit to our co-production partners, Cloth Cat Animation, in Cardiff .

Using TV Paint at Studio 352

All three studios, Lupus Films, Cloth Cat Animation, and Studio 352 all used the TVPaint software. Here it is being used at Studio 352 in Luxembourg.

Creative Skillset’s involvement with the production

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Creative Skillset is the industry skills body for the Creative Industries. It works across film, television, radio, fashion and textiles, animation, games, visual effects, publishing, advertising and marketing communications.

Lupus Films had valuable support from Creative Skillset and a lot of people had their first experience of working on an animated feature film through this scheme.

One of them was Production Assistant Danai Katopodi, and here she explains her role on the Ethel and Ernest film.

Crew screening of the film at the National Film Theatre

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A big day for us yesterday with a crew screening of the finished film held at the National Film Theatre. Lupus Films is immensely proud of each and everyone one of you who contributed to making Ethel and Ernest the movie a reality. More photos here.

The next screening will be a public one – the premiere ! Watch this space for further news.

Crew screening of Ethel and Ernest_NFT_Aug 3rd 2016

Some of the crew at the post screening party held at the National Film Theatre – August 3rd 2016. A night to remember ! (Photo courtesy of Amandine Gutierrez.)




How Hobsoft software helped us with the making of Ethel and Ernest

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Ethel and Ernest was made at three different locations. The lead studio was in London at Lupus Films, but we also had co-production studios working in Luxembourg and Wales.

Software called Hobsoft was used to keep all three studios co-ordinated. Without it we would have been struggling with email chains, and the production would soon have become chaotic. Hobsoft made sure procedures were streamlined and meant that decisions could be tracked and the production process monitored at all stages.

The link below explains how this was achieved:


British Council promotion

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Some new publicity stills for the film have been created and are now being used. This one features on the British Council site.


Ethel and Ernest publicity still

The last shot is in !

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The final composited scene came through to us last night. The compositing team at Cloth Cat animation, led by Neil Martin, have done an incredible job and managed to deliver our final scenes on time for the colour grading sessions that are coming up next week at Goldcrest. Overseeing these final deliveries and making sure that everything ran smoothly was production co-ordinator Lucy Lawson-Duckett.

Compositors at work on Ethel and Ernest

Some of the compositing crew at Cloth Cat Animation working on Ethel and Ernest

Head of Compositing Neil Martin

Lead compositor Neil Martin (centre)

Compositors working on Ethel and Ernest at Cloth Cat

Sound mixing at Goldcrest films with Adrian Rhodes

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The final sound mixing on Ethel and Ernest continues this week at Goldcrest films with Adrian Rhodes at the helm.

Adrian Rhodes

Adrian Rhodes at Goldcrest films during the sound mix for Ethel and Ernest

Adrian is one of the most highly regarded Sound Designers and Re Recording mixers in the industry with a particularly strong association with animated films. Having studied at the National Film and Television School and become one of the first sound specialist graduates he launched into his professional career alongside fellow graduate Nick Park.  His relationship with the Aardman production team flourished with the award-winning films The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave, Chicken Run and Pirates! An Adventure With Scientists nominated for an Oscar Award in 2013. Adrian has continued his close relationship with Aardman as Sound Designer on Shaun The Sheep Movie, which also received an Oscar nomination in 2016.



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