Raymond gets a first view of character sheets for the film

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Animation director Peter Dodd shows Raymond Briggs the character sheets that he has been working on. He was thrilled with the progress being made.

Peter reported: …he viewed the model sheets of his parents and seemed genuinely over the moon “yes that’s bang on” he said.” And of the ones of Raymond himself? “That really looks like me” he said of his moustachioed self, but commented on his regret at ever having grown one.

Peter Dodd and Raymond Briggs_17th February 2015 Raymond Briggs and animation director Peter Dodd_February 17th 2015

A visit to one of our co-production partners…

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A trip to Luxembourg today to visit one of our co-production partners,  STUDIO 352 http://www.studio352.lu

It was great to catch up again with CEO Stephan Roelant and production manager Fabien Renelli, and to meet the talented team that will be working on the Ethel and Ernest film.

In the photos below art director Robin Shaw from Lupus films, is in discussion with Studio 352 head of backgrounds Pascal Gerard, and head of layouts Denis Lambert. (click on images to enlarge)

Robin and Pascal discuss backgrounds at Studio 352_February 12th 2015Robin with the Studio 352 Layout and Background team_February 12th 2015

Pascal and Robin discuss backgrounds_Studio 352_Feb 12th 2015Robin and Pascal discuss backgrounds and layout_Feb 12th 2015