Last night Alice Guzzo, a trainee assistant animator working on Ethel and Ernest, won an award from the Royal Television  Society for her film ‘Riflesso’.

Many congratulations to Alice!

Alice Rizzo

Alice Guzzo working at Lupus Films on the animated feature film ‘Ethel and Ernest’

Alice’s first job after graduating from the Arts University of Bournemouth was working on Ethel and Ernest. In this interview she talks about her award winning film and also about her experience of working on the Ethel and Ernest production.

Last weekend another of our production team was up for a prestigious Cesar award. Animation assistant and junior animator on Ethel and Ernest, Ludivine Berthouloux, was nominated  for ‘Sous tes Doigts’, a film that she art directed. She also did storyboard, layout, and animation on the film.