Below is an entry from Raymond Briggs’ diary that he wrote when he was 13 years (and 11 months ! ) old. It is for the turn of the year from 1947 to 1948.

Part of the entry reads:

“It is 1948 now. Cheerio to poor 1947*. Not a bad year on the whole. Got a bit fed up with school in the Removes. A jolly good Xmas. But no atmosphere. Glad of the money from the paper round. Glad I have dropped Coleman and (?) etc and gone with Pfeff* as we are better suited. R Briggs 13 years 11 mons. “

*1947 had brought a very severe winter, and coming just after the end of the war badly affected public morale with food shortages and a lack of fuel.

*Raymond’s friend Pfeff is mentioned on P.29 of the recently published Notes from the Sofa – a collection of articles that Raymond has written for The Oldie magazine.

Raymond Briggs reading his diary_April 2nd 2016

Raymond Briggs enjoying reading his diary from 1947. Photo taken on April 2nd 2016

Raymond Briggs diary entry for December  31st 1947