The animators on Ethel and Ernest finished their scenes a few weeks ago. But that isn’t the end of the process. In order to bring the animators’ scenes to the screen a talented team of assistants and clean up artists have to provide the final line work. The key drawings that the animators do also have to be “in-betweened” by a crew of people and any matte work is also dealt with at this stage.

This is the final week for all the Assist/Clean Up team who have done the most amazing job working all hours and at weekends to get the film finished on time.

A welcome break in the evening’s work load is provided by the delivery of pizzas handed out here by head of assist Denise Dean (on the left) and animation supervisor Isobel Stenhouse.

Denise Dean and Isobel Stenhouse_Ethel and Ernest_April 26th 2016

Clean up workinglate_April 26th 2016

Dominika Brodowska and Patrick Collins at the start of another long evening

Ethel and Ernest Assis department_April 26th 2016

Some of the Clean up/Assist team working late to get the film finished. This was taken at Lupus films’ main studio in north London, while another team are hard at work in the nearby annexe studio.