The article in The Telegraph explains how Paul McCartney became involved with the Ethel and Ernest production


Musical director Chris Egan’s tweet from the recording of the orchestral part of the song. Angel  studios, north London (July 2016). The string arrangement for the song was provided by Carl Davis who conducted the Chamber Orchestra of London at the recording.

In addition to Paul McCartney’s new song the film also contains a tune written by Paul’s father called ‘Walking in The Park with Eloise’.  Paul’s father James McCartney was a leader of a jazz band in the 1920s. He was a trumpet player and led Jim Mac’s Jazz Band, with his brother Jack on trombone, and one of the tunes he composed was ‘Walking in The Park with Eloise’. Paul McCartney recorded the tune with Chet Atkins and Floyd Cramer in 1974 under the pseudonym of The Country Hams. For the Ethel and Ernest film a new recording was made, arranged and conducted by Carl Davis, and recorded at Angel Studios in July 2016.

Walking in the Park with Eloise is heard during a sequence early on in the film, set outside a ballroom. It is reprised later on during the end credits and comes in immediately after the new song by Paul McCartney.

A soundtrack album of music from the film will be released soon by Decca records. It will include the new Paul McCartney song ‘In the Blink of an Eye’.