Raymond Briggs Sunday Times interview Dec 17th 2017

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Sunday Times article on Raymond Briggs_Dec 17th 2017

The full interview is available here.

Extract: “The house that has had the biggest impact on me was my childhood home in London. I grew up in a 1914 terraced house in Ashen Grove, Wimbledon Park. A narrow hall led to the sitting room, dining room, kitchen and scullery. Unusually for a working-class home, it had three upstairs bedrooms and a bathroom. I had the back room overlooking the garden. The house was a rather daft design, because our kitchen window was exactly opposite next door’s. If our clock was a bit wobbly, we could look in to see what the Wright’s clock was doing and check the time. My childhood home features in several books, particularly Ethel and Ernest, my portrait of my parents’ marriage. I could draw the dresser in the dining room right now. The house crops up again in Father Christmas, where I depict him shaving and brushing his teeth in our scullery.”

65 Ashen Grove (1)_with Raymond and Ethel

Raymond Briggs astride the railings dividing his front garden from next door’s garden. The house in Ashen Grove, Wimbledon Park, is also featured in his Father Christmas book.

Ethel and Ernest opens at the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles

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Ethel and Ernest opened in Los Angeles on December 15th 2017 at the Nuart Theatre.

Nuart Theatre LA_Ethel and Ernest showing_Dec 2017.jpg

Nuart Theatre Los Angeles showing Ethel and Ernest (photo courtesy Robbie Little)

Ethel and Ernest screens at Nuart Theatre Los Angeles_15th Dec 2017_Ruth McCArtney and Angie McCartney attended

Ethel and Ernest gets a week long run at the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles starting on Dec 15th 2017. (Photo courtesy of Ruth McCartney and Angie McCartney, pictured).

Nuart Theatre Los Angeles Dec 15th 2017_with Angie McCartney and Ruth McCartney attending screening of Ethel and Ernest

Ruth McCartney (L) and Angie McCartney (R) at the Nuart Theatre, Los Angeles.

Among the first to see the film were local LA residents Ruth McCartney and Angie McCartney who have a particular connection to the film. Ruth is Paul McCartney’s step sister and Angie is his stepmother.  Paul McCartney wrote and performed a song for Ethel and Ernest called ‘In the Blink of an Eye’ . It is played over the end credits. Also featured in the film is a composition that Paul’s father Jim McCartney wrote in the 1920s when he was a leader of  Jim Mac’s jazz band. It was called ‘Walking In the Park with Eloise’    and was recorded in Nashville in 1974 by Paul McCartney (washboard), Chet Atkins (guitar), Floyd Cramer (piano). They called themselves The Country Hams. The tune was re-recorded for the film and was arranged and conducted by Carl Davis.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 09.41.54.png

Jim McCartney’s ‘Walking in the Park with Eloise’ is heard on the soundtrack when Ethel and Ernest are outside a ballroom at the start of the film. It is also played over the end credits after Paul McCartney’s composition ‘In the Blink of an Eye’.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 09.42.08.png

Eagle eyed viewers will notice that the poster outside the ballroom advertises Jim Mac’s band. That was the name of the band that Paul’s father led in the 1920s.

Raymond Briggs Q & A at Lewes Depot cinema

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A screening of Ethel and Ernest took place on Sunday 10th December at the Lewes Depot cinema, in East Sussex. It was followed by a half hour Q & A with Raymond Briggs. Raymond lives near to Lewes, and the award winning cinema was sold out for his appearance.

Lewes Depot Q&A after Ethel and Ernest screening on 10th Dec 2017.jpg

From left to right: Lewes Depot host Robert Senior, director Roger Mainwood, and Raymond Briggs answering questions from the audience

Audience meets Raymond Briggs at Lewes Depot screening_19th Dec 2017.jpg

The audience queue to meet Raymond Briggs and get their Raymond Briggs books signed.

The European film awards celebrate their 30th birthday

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The video below contains a message from Ethel and Ernest director Roger Mainwood wishing the European Film Awards a happy 30th birthday.

A great night at the European film awards in Berlin on 9th December 2017. Ethel and Ernest was one of the nominated films.

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 17.48.48

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 11.19.08.png

Receiving nominees certificate at a ceremony in the Rotes Rathaus (Berlin Town Hall) on the 8th December 2017

Raymond Briggs interview in the ‘i’

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From the i_4th Dec 2017.jpg

An extract from an article in the ‘i’ _ Monday 4th December 2017

European Film Awards interview

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An interview given ahead of the European Film Awards which takes place in Berlin on the 9th December.


Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 10.28.58

For this year’s ceremony, guests will include EFA founder and president Wim Wenders, chairwoman Agnieszka Holland, honorary award recipients Aleksandr Sokurov and Julie Delpy, and the nominees, among them Claes BangJuliette BinocheIldikó EnyediJosef HaderYorgos LanthimosSergei LoznitsaRuben ÖstlundFrançois Ozon and Andrey Zvyagintsev.


The European Film Awards annually honour the greatest achievements in European cinema. Voted for by the members of the European Film Academy, over 3,000 filmmakers from across Europe, the awards are presented in a total of 20 categories.

First celebrated in 1988, the Awards Ceremony takes place in Berlin every second year. In the other years, the Awards travel: London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Valletta, Riga, …