Sunday Times article on Raymond Briggs_Dec 17th 2017

The full interview is available here.

Extract: “The house that has had the biggest impact on me was my childhood home in London. I grew up in a 1914 terraced house in Ashen Grove, Wimbledon Park. A narrow hall led to the sitting room, dining room, kitchen and scullery. Unusually for a working-class home, it had three upstairs bedrooms and a bathroom. I had the back room overlooking the garden. The house was a rather daft design, because our kitchen window was exactly opposite next door’s. If our clock was a bit wobbly, we could look in to see what the Wright’s clock was doing and check the time. My childhood home features in several books, particularly Ethel and Ernest, my portrait of my parents’ marriage. I could draw the dresser in the dining room right now. The house crops up again in Father Christmas, where I depict him shaving and brushing his teeth in our scullery.”

65 Ashen Grove (1)_with Raymond and Ethel

Raymond Briggs astride the railings dividing his front garden from next door’s garden. The house in Ashen Grove, Wimbledon Park, is also featured in his Father Christmas book.