Michael Dudok de Wit’s visit to the studio


Today award winning director Michael Dudok de Wit visited the studio. He has just finished his own debut animated feature called The Red Turtle . Some of the Ethel and Ernest crew also worked on Michael’s film, so it was an opportunity  to share experiences and to meet some old friends and colleagues. A good excuse for a pub lunch too.

Ethel and Ernest crew with Micahel Dudok de Wit

Michael Dudok de Wit (left of photo) with some of the animators and production staff on Ethel and Ernest _ The Angelic Pub, Islington, February 1st 2016

Roger and Michael Dudok de Wit_Feb 1st 2016

Roger Mainwood (director on Ethel and Ernest) and Michael Dudok de Wit (director on The Red Turtle). Both animated feature films are due for release in 2016.

Michael Dudok de Wit with Paul Williams

Michael chatting with Paul Williams, an animator on Ethel and Ernest who also worked on Michael’s The Red Turtle feature film.

Animator Toni Mengual with Peter Dodd

Toni Mengual, an animator on Ethel and Ernest who also worked on The Red Turtle film. Toni also animated on the feature films The Illusionist and Chico and Rita. Here he is chatting with Ethel and Ernest animation director Peter Dodd.

Final recruits for the final push

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More crew have been taken on as the final months of production are upon us. Animator Vincent Petremann pictured below is one of the latest recruits to join us. Lupus Films has also opened up an annexe studio in north London to accommodate the army of clean up artists and assistants that an animated feature film requires.

Vincent Petremann

Animator Vincent Petremann being briefed on his scenes by animation director Peter Dodd

Raymond Briggs article in The Observer

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Raymond Briggs features in a full page article in today’s Observer newspaper.


Speaking about his Ethel and Ernest book:

“It’s not exactly profound but it’s not just dealing with nonsense like the others are,” he says. “It works because it’s a true story and I was a bit obsessed with my mum and dad anyway.” Because he was an only child? “Hmm, oh yes, probably. I was my mother’s darling boy, of course … I think my dad was a bit upset by that but not badly so.”

Raymond Briggs celebrates his 82nd birthday next month.

(photo: Roger Mainwood)

Raymond Briggs_September 2014_taken during the live action shoot for Ethel and Ernest

More studio shots taken at Lupus Films

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Photos courtesy of Paul Marc Mitchell

Peter Dodd_animation directorAnimation Director Peter Dodd.


Animation director and Director Roger MainwoodAnimation director Peter Dodd and Roger Mainwood discuss a scene and check lip synch.

Art Director Robin Shaw_Martin Oliver Layout artist_Director Roger MainwoodFrom left to right: Art Director Robin Shaw, Layout artist Martin Oliver, and director Roger Mainwood.

Lupus studio shotThe art department corner of the studio. From left to right Assistant art director Mat Williams, Art Director Robin Shaw, and Art Department supervisor Martin Dray.

Lupus studio art dept


Jean-Christophe Lie

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One of the many great animation talents that we have working on the film is Jean-Christophe Lie.


Here he is at Lupus Studio in London getting briefed on his scenes by animation director Peter Dodd.

Peter Dodd and Jean-Christophe Lie

Jean-Christophe co-directed the film Zarafa which had its UK release earlier this year.


Jean-Christophe Lie

Ernest character sketches for the film

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Three poses of Ernest – preparatory sketches for the film drawn by Peter Dodd.