4 million watch Ethel and Ernest broadcast premiere on BBC One


The BBC is thrilled with the reaction to the Ethel and Ernest premiere broadcast. The overnight viewing figures of 4 million are expected to increase greatly on catch up viewing and by iplayer. (the final figure was 4.7 million )

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Reaction to the BBC premier

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The reaction from the public to the broadcast of Ethel and Ernest on BBC One last night has been amazing ! Messages left on twitter have been overwhelmingly positive with many praising the BBC for their boldness in showing an animated drama at peak time on the main channel. For a couple of hours Ethel and Ernest was trending at number one on Twitter in the UK !


A tweet from comedian and actor Josie Lawrence


A tweet from broadcaster Gaby Roslin


A tweet from television presenter and journalist Lorraine Kelly

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A tweet from Sunday Times columnist and author India Knight

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Some of the comments sent in to the Radio Times website

What’s on the telly this evening ?!


Ethel and Ernest gets its premiere broadcast tonight (28th December 2016 BBC One 7:30pm)


A scene from the film. Ethel and Ernest get their first TV set.



The ‘i’ paper


The Guardian

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The Times

The Guardian talks to Raymond Briggs

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Decca Aitkenhead talks to Raymond Briggs in today’s Guardian


What he cannot conceal is his delight at the reception his latest film has received. “I’ve been to three or four screenings, and the audience has applauded at the end every time. Amazing! Amazing.” Peering at me, he enquires casually: “They don’t applaud at the end of a film in the cinema very often these days, do they?” Happy to confirm they do not, I’m nonetheless not remotely surprised to hear that they did for Ethel and Ernest.

The film will be screened on Wednesday 28 December on BBC1, and on paper sounds so slight that I was quite unprepared for its impact – poignant and subtle, yet powerful enough to haunt me for weeks afterwards. – Decca Aitkenhead



The Telegraph make ‘Ethel and Ernest’ – their film choice of the week

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The Telegraph Christmas TV listings which make Ethel and Ernest their Film Of The Week.

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The Times make it their Critics’ Choice

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The Observer make it their Pick Of The Day for Wednesday 28th December 2016


The Glasgow Sunday Herald 

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The Daily Mail


BBC One preview

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The Mirror reports on Ethel and Ernest

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Read the full story here

BBC announces the time of the Ethel and Ernest broadcast.

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The time of the first TV broadcast of Ethel and Ernest has been announced by the BBC. It will be on BBC One in the peak time slot of 7:30 to 9pm on Wednesday 28th December.


Part of the Radio Times online announcement

BBC Breakfast report on the making of Ethel and Ernest

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Ethel and Ernest received great coverage this morning on BBC Breakfast ahead of its cinema release on October 28th.

Tim Muffett’s report had interviews with crew members from Lupus Films, and also included an interview with Raymond Briggs at his home in Sussex.

It was also featured on BBC’s South East Today as a regional news item because Raymond lives in Sussex.


BBC South East Today lunchtime news coverage

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BBC South East Today evening news coverage


BBC Breakfast coverage


Tim Muffett and Raymond Briggs






BBC Breakfast report on Ethel and Ernest

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With the premiere successfully under our belt our attention is now turning to the release date of the film in cinemas on October 28th.

Earlier in the year reporter Tim Muffett and a BBC crew were in the Lupus Films studio. They were filming for the BBC Breakfast programme (from 6am, BBC One and the BBC News Channel). Their report is being aired on Wednesday 19th October, and will include a recent interview with Raymond Briggs.


Animation director Peter Dodd being interviewed by Tim Muffett for BBC Breakfast