Yesterday was the last day for the assist team on Ethel and Ernest.  Head of assistant animation has been Denise Dean who has done an amazing job to finish the project on time within a very tight schedule. Denise has conquered what at times felt like an impossible mountain to climb, working tirelessly to get scenes ready for her team of assistant animators, both in London and at Studio 352 in Luxembourg.

Denise Dean_Head of Assistant Animation

Backing Denise up all the way were John Walsh, the supervisor of assistant animation, and Isobel Stenhouse the animation supervisor. All three knew each other from when they worked together on Sylvain Chomet’s 2010 animated feature ‘The Illusionist’.

Denise Dean and John Walsh

In the foreground are Denise Dean and John Walsh at a Lupus films lunch – April 29th 2016. This was the last day on the film for the assistant animation crew, and a good excuse for a get together for many of the key members of the production team.