The Book Trust present Raymond Briggs with their Lifetime Achievement Award

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Raymond Briggs receives the Book Trust Lifetime Achievement Award 2017.

The speaker is Nicolette Jones author of ‘Raymond Briggs Blooming Books’. The award is presented by author and illustrator Chris Ridell, who was taught by Raymond Briggs at Brighton School of Art. In the audience, sat next to Raymond Briggs, is author and illustrator Shirley Hughes who received the Book Trust Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015.

Raymond Briggs and Shirley Hughes at the Book Trust Lifetime Achievement Award 2017_9th February_Southbank Centre.jpg

Raymond Briggs with Shirley Hughes (Alfie, Dogger) at the Book Trust Lifetime Achievement Award 2017. Shirley Hughes was awarded it in 2015, Judith Kerr (The Tiger Who Came To Tea) in 2016 and Raymond Briggs in 2017.

Screen Daily article

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Full article here:

Reissue of the Ethel and Ernest book to coincide with the film launch

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A new edition of Raymond Briggs’ book Ethel and Ernest is being published on the 27th October to coincide with the film launch the following day.

Jonathan Cape – Published 27th October 2016



Trainee working on Ethel and Ernest wins prestigious animation prize

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Last night Alice Guzzo, a trainee assistant animator working on Ethel and Ernest, won an award from the Royal Television  Society for her film ‘Riflesso’.

Many congratulations to Alice!

Alice Rizzo

Alice Guzzo working at Lupus Films on the animated feature film ‘Ethel and Ernest’

Alice’s first job after graduating from the Arts University of Bournemouth was working on Ethel and Ernest. In this interview she talks about her award winning film and also about her experience of working on the Ethel and Ernest production.

Last weekend another of our production team was up for a prestigious Cesar award. Animation assistant and junior animator on Ethel and Ernest, Ludivine Berthouloux, was nominated  for ‘Sous tes Doigts’, a film that she art directed. She also did storyboard, layout, and animation on the film.



Music supervision on Ethel and Ernest

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The incredibly helpful and knowledgeable Gary Welch (, director of Eyehear music, was in at Lupus Films yesterday to discuss the choice of music tracks for the film.

More on this from Eyehear music’s own website:

Voice Recordings

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We have just completed four days of voice recordings at Goldcrest ( ) and managed to get some superb performances from a stellar cast of leading British actors. Brenda Blethyn and Jim Broadbent played the lead roles as Ethel and Ernest. Mark Appleby at Goldcrest ( ) was our ADR Mixer. Thanks Mark !

Pre-production continues ahead of a busy 2015 for the production team!

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This is one of the sketches that Raymond Briggs has done for the Ethel and Ernest design team. It shows how the coat stand in the hallway looked.  The hallway is a part of the house that isn’t seen in the book but it will feature in the film, so getting these details as authentic as possible is important.

hallway dresser sketch provided by Raymond Briggs

Raymond Briggs Guardian interview December 2014

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Raymond Briggs talks to the Guardian about his book Father Christmas (first published in 1973).

“I set it in my parents’ house in Wimbledon Park, London, and I’d have Father Christmas washing at the sink, like my father used to do. My dad appears in the book, too. In one scene, he meets Father Christmas and says: “Still at it, mate?” I suppose I saw parallels between Father Christmas’s job and my father’s job as a milkman.”

Raymond Briggs films are on again over Christmas 2014. The times are as follows:

Father Christmas – Ch 4 8:20 am Christmas Day

The Snowman* – Ch 4 7:30pm Tuesday 23rd December (repeated Christmas Day at 12:45pm) and on E4 at 5:OOpm

The Snowman and the Snowdog – Ch 4 7:55pm Wednesday 24th December (repeated Christmas Day at 1:20pm)

(*The Snowman was first broadcast in 1982 and has been shown on Ch 4 every year since then, except one).

A special connection…

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Peter Dodd, animation director on Ethel and Ernest, has a very particular connection to this project. His father, like Ernest, also worked as a Co-op milkman. Peter is working on model sheets of the main characters at the moment. This drawing, that he did when he was a boy, is of his father doing his milk round.

Drawing by a young Peter Dodd of his father who worked as a C-op milkman

Getting ready…

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As the Ethel and Ernest animated feature gears up to start,  pre-production testing continues.

Here Raymond Briggs is seen viewing a line test of some animation with producer Camilla Deakin of Lupus Films.

Photo taken on May 14th 2014.

Raymond Briggs viewing a test of Ethel and Ernest with producer Camilla Deacon_May 14th 2014

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