Thanks to the thousands of people who have been visiting this site seeking further news on the Ethel and Ernest feature film. We had hoped to be in full production by now, but as anyone who has tried to finance a film knows, things ALWAYS take longer than you expect. But the good news is that the project is still very much on track. Serious talks are continuing on raising finance. Producer Camilla Deakin and director Roger Mainwood have been on trips visiting studios in a number of European countries this year, looking into partnership deals with them and further afield.  We have also been budgeting for a UK base to the operation, and we are now in a very good position to start full production sometime in 2012. All the screenings of the 90 minute animatic that we have held have had very positive responses. So keep the faith, because we will get this one made!

As producer John Coates mentions in his recently published biography. “All our team is totally enthusiastic about this project. It’s going to be very good. Confirmed voices are  Jim Broadbent for Ernest and Brenda Blethyn for Ethel who’ve done a pre-recording. We’ve already laid some music, popular music of the period, and it works beautifully.”