Raymond Briggs


Above is a link to an article from the Independent newspaper (Dec 2007) called ‘How we Met : Raymond Briggs and John Coates’.

It describes the relationship built up between Raymond Briggs and the London animation studio TVC which was founded in 1957.  John Coates, head of TVC has produced four adaptations of Raymond’s books.

The Snowman (1982) – dir. Dianne Jackson

When the Wind Blows (1986) – dir. Jimmy T Mirukami

Father Christmas (1991) – dir. Dave Unwin

The Bear (1998) – dir. Hilary Audus

John Coates and Dave Unwin

Above is John (on the right) with Dave Unwin, the director of the TV adaptation of Raymond Briggs’  ‘Father Christmas’ . The photo was taken at John’s 80th birthday celebration held at one of his favourite London restaurants, L’Etoile in Charlotte Street. The TVC studio was also situated in Charlotte Street during the 1980s and 90s, and most of the Raymond Briggs adaptations were created during that period.

John Coates and Anne V Coates_Annecy 2007

Here is John with his sister, Anne V Coates, at the Annecy Animation Film Festival in 2007.  John was celebrating TVC’s 50th anniversary.  In the same year John’s sister, who is an Oscar winning film editor, was awarded BAFTA’s highest honour , the Academy Fellowship. (photo: Loraine Marshall)