I visited Raymond yesterday to give him an update on how things were progressing. He was pleased to hear that we were looking good for an early 2011 start. I was also checking out his work space for a live action opening to the film which we hope to be shooting.

Raymond Briggs and Roger Mainwood_July 2010

Lots of funny objects around the house plus a really nice painting of Ethel and Ernest on some cupboard doors. Raymond said he painted it while waiting for an answer from his publisher as to whether they would go ahead with his Ethel and Ernest book.

Raymond's painting of Ethel and Ernest

Raymond lives in a house nestling at the foot of the Sussex Downs in a beautiful part of the world which was recently designated  National Park status.  His house is famously described by Ethel in the book as “a dump!”.  Raymond of course begged to differ, and has lived there very agreeably for the past 40 years.  It was here that all his most famous works were created from The Snowman right through to Ethel and Ernest.

Raymond working at his desk_July 2010