Animator Sarah Airriess

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Among the many top animators working on Ethel and Ernest was Sarah Airiess. Sarah’s animation and posing opens the film, and she also animated the whole of the Christmas decoration sequence that is depicted on page 50 of the book.

Working from her home in Cambridge she always produced scenes full of wit, charm and brilliant observation.  She has produced some stand out sequences for us.

To discover more about Sarah and her work visit her blog here.

Sarah Airriess working on Ethel and Ernest

Animator Sarah Airriess working on Ethel and Ernest from her home in Cambridge.

Lupus films extends its studio space as our deadline approaches

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Lupus films has opened up new studio space off Holloway road in North London, about 10 minutes from its main studio. Isobel Stenhouse, Animation Supervisor, has done a sterling recruiting job to increase both the number of animators and also the number of animator assistants on the production as we head towards our deadline. Using the Creative Skillset scheme recent graduates from animation colleges throughout the UK have joined the crew as assist animators. They do the clean up on an animator’s scene and give the drawings their final line look before they go to be coloured and composited at Cloth Cat studios in Cardiff.

Below are pictures of some of the new recruits who have graduated from animation courses at the following colleges:

Central St Martins; Teeside University; Arts University of Bournemouth; Lincoln University; University of Wolverhampton; University of Westminster; Middlesex University; University of Portsmouth.

Eleven more recruits are due to join the production shortly and the studio will have to expand still further!

Holloway Road studio_01

Graduates from a number of UK animation courses working on Ethel and Ernest, brought on board with the assistance of the Creative Skillset scheme


Isobel Stenhouse (animation supervisor) with Bianca Howell

Holloway Road_04

Patrick Collins and Danielle Bethel

Holloway Road recuits

Solly Vaughan (left) and James Dubbins (right)

Holloway Road_03

From left to right: Walid Abou El Joud, Bianca Howell, Daniel Crook, Jack Sleeman

Holloway Road_05

From left to right: Joanna Boyle and Eleonora Quario

Holloway Road recruits 2

Solly Vaughan with production assistant trainee Amandine Gutierrez

Holloway Road studio

Kamila Konczewska


Nadia Hussein

Alice Guzzo with visiting director Michael Dudok de Wit and Isobel Stenhouse

Alice Guzzo (trainee assistant animator).  Behind Alice is visiting director Michael Dudok de Wit talking with animation supervisor Isobel Stenhouse

Iona Menzies

Iona Menzies (trainee assistant animator)




Michael Dudok de Wit’s visit to the studio


Today award winning director Michael Dudok de Wit visited the studio. He has just finished his own debut animated feature called The Red Turtle . Some of the Ethel and Ernest crew also worked on Michael’s film, so it was an opportunity  to share experiences and to meet some old friends and colleagues. A good excuse for a pub lunch too.

Ethel and Ernest crew with Micahel Dudok de Wit

Michael Dudok de Wit (left of photo) with some of the animators and production staff on Ethel and Ernest _ The Angelic Pub, Islington, February 1st 2016

Roger and Michael Dudok de Wit_Feb 1st 2016

Roger Mainwood (director on Ethel and Ernest) and Michael Dudok de Wit (director on The Red Turtle). Both animated feature films are due for release in 2016.

Michael Dudok de Wit with Paul Williams

Michael chatting with Paul Williams, an animator on Ethel and Ernest who also worked on Michael’s The Red Turtle feature film.

Animator Toni Mengual with Peter Dodd

Toni Mengual, an animator on Ethel and Ernest who also worked on The Red Turtle film. Toni also animated on the feature films The Illusionist and Chico and Rita. Here he is chatting with Ethel and Ernest animation director Peter Dodd.

Final recruits for the final push

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More crew have been taken on as the final months of production are upon us. Animator Vincent Petremann pictured below is one of the latest recruits to join us. Lupus Films has also opened up an annexe studio in north London to accommodate the army of clean up artists and assistants that an animated feature film requires.

Vincent Petremann

Animator Vincent Petremann being briefed on his scenes by animation director Peter Dodd

Animator Andy McPherson

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Our top team of animators includes Andy McPherson , who has been working on the Ethel and Ernest production from his home in Wales. Like many other members of the crew Andy comes from a traditional 2D background where all the characters were drawn on paper. This was the first time that  he had used TVPaint and it didn’t take long at all before he was producing top notch scenes by drawing directly onto Wacom Cintiq tablets rather than a light box.

In the past Andy has worked on The Illusionist feature film, for Joanna Quinn’s Beryl Productions (Dreams and Desires/Family Ties), and for John Coates’ TVC studio (The Tale of Two Bad Mice and Johnny Town mouse, Wind in the Willows, The Willows in Winter, The Bear).

Andy McPherson

Happy birthday Raymond

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Today Raymond Briggs celebrates his 82nd birthday. He was born in Wimbledon Park, south London, on the 18th January 1934.

Below are some photos of Raymond looking through the Briggs’ family album. They were taken a few weeks ago on Boxing Day 2015.

Everyone working on the Ethel and Ernest production wishes Raymond a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Raymond Briggs Boxing Day 2015

Raymond Briggs on Boxing day 2015 looking through the family album.

Raymond Briggs looking at a photo of Ethel and Ernest's wedding_Boxing Day 2015

Raymond Briggs with a photo of his parents’ on their wedding day .

More studio shots taken at Lupus Films

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Photos courtesy of Paul Marc Mitchell

Peter Dodd_animation directorAnimation Director Peter Dodd.


Animation director and Director Roger MainwoodAnimation director Peter Dodd and Roger Mainwood discuss a scene and check lip synch.

Art Director Robin Shaw_Martin Oliver Layout artist_Director Roger MainwoodFrom left to right: Art Director Robin Shaw, Layout artist Martin Oliver, and director Roger Mainwood.

Lupus studio shotThe art department corner of the studio. From left to right Assistant art director Mat Williams, Art Director Robin Shaw, and Art Department supervisor Martin Dray.

Lupus studio art dept


Bon appetit

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As the pace of production quickens there’s still time for a convivial lunch or two!

From left to right: Head of Assist Denise Dean, Lead animator Thierry Torres, Animation Director Peter Dodd, Animation Supervisor Isobel Stenhouse, Assist animator Aude Carpentier, and Director Roger Mainwood.

Denise Dean_Thierry Torres_Peter Dodd_Isabel Stenhouse_ Aude Capentier_Roger Mainwood_Ethel and Ernest Production July 2015

Jean-Christophe Lie

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One of the many great animation talents that we have working on the film is Jean-Christophe Lie.


Here he is at Lupus Studio in London getting briefed on his scenes by animation director Peter Dodd.

Peter Dodd and Jean-Christophe Lie

Jean-Christophe co-directed the film Zarafa which had its UK release earlier this year.

Jean-Christophe Lie

The London studio

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Some of the Ethel and Ernest crew working at Lupus Films Ltd _London_July 2015 (Photo by Paul Marc Mitchell)

Some of the Ethel and Ernest crew working at Lupus Films Ltd _London_July 2015 (Photo by Paul Marc Mitchell)

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