Pre-production continues ahead of a busy 2015 for the production team!

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This is one of the sketches that Raymond Briggs has done for the Ethel and Ernest design team. It shows how the coat stand in the hallway looked.  The hallway is a part of the house that isn’t seen in the book but it will feature in the film, so getting these details as authentic as possible is important.

hallway dresser sketch provided by Raymond Briggs

Raymond Briggs Guardian interview December 2014

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Raymond Briggs talks to the Guardian about his book Father Christmas (first published in 1973).

“I set it in my parents’ house in Wimbledon Park, London, and I’d have Father Christmas washing at the sink, like my father used to do. My dad appears in the book, too. In one scene, he meets Father Christmas and says: “Still at it, mate?” I suppose I saw parallels between Father Christmas’s job and my father’s job as a milkman.”

Raymond Briggs films are on again over Christmas 2014. The times are as follows:

Father Christmas – Ch 4 8:20 am Christmas Day

The Snowman* – Ch 4 7:30pm Tuesday 23rd December (repeated Christmas Day at 12:45pm) and on E4 at 5:OOpm

The Snowman and the Snowdog – Ch 4 7:55pm Wednesday 24th December (repeated Christmas Day at 1:20pm)

(*The Snowman was first broadcast in 1982 and has been shown on Ch 4 every year since then, except one).