A special connection…

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Peter Dodd, animation director on Ethel and Ernest, has a very particular connection to this project. His father, like Ernest, also worked as a Co-op milkman. Peter is working on model sheets of the main characters at the moment. This drawing, that he did when he was a boy, is of his father doing his milk round.

Drawing by a young Peter Dodd of his father who worked as a C-op milkman

Getting ready…

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As the Ethel and Ernest animated feature gears up to start,  pre-production testing continues.

Here Raymond Briggs is seen viewing a line test of some animation with producer Camilla Deakin of Lupus Films.

Photo taken on May 14th 2014.

Raymond Briggs viewing a test of Ethel and Ernest with producer Camilla Deacon_May 14th 2014

LONDON 1920s – BFI colour film

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The Ethel and Ernest film begins in London in 1928.  The British Film Institute have some rare and fascinating colour footage of London streets shot around that time by Claude Friese-Greene.

Here is the link http://www.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/news-bfi/features/bfi-archive-footage-1920s-london-goes-viral

London 1927_BFI

British Film Institute Vision Awards 2013

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Twenty UK film production companies were recently granted awards by the BFI. 170 companies applied in total, and Lupus Films was one of four animation companies selected.


Lupus Films (animation)
Ruth Fielding, Camilla Deakin
Credits include: The Snowman and the Snowdog Channel 4. Upcoming: Raymond Brigg’s Ethel & Ernest (feature).
Lupus intends to apply their first-class artistry to recognisable and well-loved properties (such as Raymond Briggs), to spearhead a revival of 2D animation in the UK and establish themselves as a formidable, and uniquely, British animation film company.

John Coates memorial reel

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A compilation of scenes from John Coates’ life are now available on Youtube.

John and his company TVC were the driving force behind getting the Ethel and Ernest film started. The project was very dear to his heart and he invested

a large amount of his time and money into its pre-production development.

This reel was screened at the party after John Coates’ memorial held in London on November 22nd 2012.

It features clips from most of the classic films made by John’s TVC animation studio, and includes photos and footage of the studio collected together by his work colleagues and friends.

John Coates celebrating 40 years of the TVC studio

John Coates celebrating 40 years of the TVC studio


Ethel and Ernest development work…

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Here is one of Loraine Mashall’s colour backgrounds that has been produced as part of the continuing Ethel and Ernest development work.

Loraine won an Emmy for her work on TVC’s production of Willows in Winter.


She has also been involved with all the Raymond Briggs’ productions that TVC did, and was art director on their animated production of Raymond’s Father Christmas book.

Background example_Ethel and Ernest development work_2012

Background example_Ethel and Ernest development work_2012

Jon Snow meets Raymond Briggs

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The main anchor of Ch4 News, Jon Snow, meets Raymond Briggs at his Sussex home.

“Far from grumpy, he’s one of the sweetest men I have had the pleasure to meet and one of the most gifted.” – John Snow, Dec 2012


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